Live Poker: Picchieri, Minasi, Fulciniti and Bernasconi for great poker in the WSOPC Main

Azure quaterna on the Cannes wheel.

The €1,500 WSOPC Main Event smiles at our players after the three qualifying rounds. There are four players from Bel Paese who will be attempting to attack the prize area on Day 2 today.

Alessandro Pichieri is confirmed in great shape and together with him we find Alessandro Minasi, Federico Fulcini And George Bernasconi. There are many hopes on the way to the most coveted of all rings.

An entry-packed Main Event on the French Riviera that confirmed the excellent health of live poker in a 2.0 boom.

Let’s see in detail.

WSOPC Cannes: Italians burn in the main

The geographical proximity, combined with the importance of the event, has prompted many of our compatriots to join the fray WSOPC extension at Cannes. Especially in the €1,500 Main Eventthe showpiece of the event and the event where the most valuable ring is to be won.

Four Italian players manage to pocket the pass by Day 2 and as such there are plenty of local hopes in what promises to be a very long and pitfall-ridden tournament. But the starting position is certainly reassuring.

Alessandro Pichieri, apart from being a top grinder online, he is quite comfortable playing live poker, as the results of the last two years confirm. So it’s not surprising to see him in the count’s posh lands 399,000 Pieces to assemble his castle from chips. And with a gift like this, dreaming is a must.

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Similar speech for Alexander Minasi. The Piedmontese has been on the live poker scene for over a decade, but whenever he enters the fray, deep runs far outnumber eliminations. Minasi sails along not far from Pichierri 327,000 unit and let the charge sound toward the zone”in the money“.

A little more distant but still in the running are the other two blues that complete Italian poker €1,500 Main Event. It’s about Federico Fulcini And George Bernasconi. Federico will start again 174,000 Crisps. while “L’Avvocato” has its side 149,000 tokens The premises are really good and now they have to be translated into reality.

WSOPC Cannes: What an audience overall

We talked about the excellent health of live poker. The numbers coming from €1,500 Main Event WSOPC Cannes they leave no doubt. Compared to a year ago, they are 135 plus the paying players on the French Riviera for a tournament that doesn’t really have a buy-in for everyone.

On Day 1A they tried it in 211with 323 inputs in the second round and finally, 116 Buy-ins paid on day 1C. There is also no total of 650 payers, which, as mentioned, is significantly higher than the number of 12 months ago.

In the first flight in 52 pocketed day 2 pass and more 81 arrive from day 1B, with 29 who complete the half-time in the last lap. Means that 162 Players will be back at today 13 at the beginning of the second day.

At this point we know the prize pool and more importantly the official payout of the €1,500 Main Event WSOPC Cannes.

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