EPT Monte Carlo: The Monegasque event opens its doors on April 26th

With the arrogant return of live poker, After a surprising recovery after the forced halt to the pandemic, not only the Italian and neighboring casinos are returning to the population, but also and above all those who host the most important tournaments in the world.

L’The European Poker Tour stops in Monte Carlo in what was once called Big final and which today instead has the prerogative and tell me if it isn’t much to be one of the key events of this Spring 2023 season.

The dates of the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo

If you have decided to participateEuropean Poker Tour of Monte Carlosurely you have already prepared your travel plan, booked your hotel, the schedule of the tournaments you will be participating in and of course you have found out about the costs involved in such an important trip.

For the latecomers, however, here all the news used to keep you in touch with others.

The official dates that were announced by the top management a few months ago are now in place PokerStars and available for your use and consumption: The Monegasque event is scheduled to begin April 26th and ends on May 6th Next up will of course be the final table of the Main Event.

But in between there are a whole host of tournaments and dates that you can’t miss, starting with the France Poker Series.

France poker series

The first week of the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo is reserved for the tournament regional by PokerStars and in France and more generally in the areas historically considered to be countries very close to the transalpine nation, particularly in the Principality of Monaco.

In France they play them fps, or France Poker Series, a brand closely related to PokerStars that has dominated the scene in the nation in those parts for years.

The main tournaments of the FPS will be the main event from the buy-in of €1,100 the most popular FPS Cup from 550€ and the high roller from €2,200.

EPT Monte Carlo

As for the actual EPT, let’s get started with that one Super high roller from 100,000 euros, planned for April 29th, to then continue with that Mystery Bounty from €3,000 registration fee and finally the high roller on May 4th for a buy-in of €25,000.

Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses currently verifiable on Italian operator sites. This table is informational and the operators are displayed in random order.

The beginning of main event Instead it is scheduled for April 30th and it is possible to register for the closure scheduled for May 6th by paying a registration fee of €5,300, as already described in the previous paragraph.

This is the program of the most exciting tournaments of the Monte Carlo EPT:

Streaming the 10 Days of Monaco

That’s why we said Main Event, and when you talk about the Main Event you’re reminded of the dozens of hours you’ve spent on PokerStars’ YouTube channel watching the tournament live in Italian.

As you have known for some time, live broadcasts in Italian are no longer available, but it will be possible to follow the Main Event and some tournaments of the Event in a foreign language, always and in any case via the link of PokerStars YouTube channel.

On the other hand, if you want to know the complete program of the EPT Monegasque by heart, your reference link and the.

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