SCOOP: Lazy74 outlasts AbbeshiiKert in Tuesday night’s primetime battle

Good morning boys! Do you want to know what happened Tuesday Night at PokerStars Tournaments? Let’s open the lobby of the room and see together who the winners of the events were SCOOPnow in their last week.

Event #66 High stands out in the report, with over €10,400 awarded to the winner. Tonight at 9:00 p.m. we continue with another 60,000 Primetime Battle. The buy-in is 100 euros. Good luck to you if you participate! We remind you that on Sunday it will end in style with a MAIN EVENT worth 400,000 euros…

€50 SCOOP-065 H: Rainbow KO (prize money 47,115, 1,047 participants)

Let’s start at 20:00 with the €40,000 guaranteed. Here was amidst 360 returns and 183 ITM’Trismegistus90‘ for €2,536 in size and €5,669 in total. The runner-up “Galaxy1976” took in a total of 4,875 euros at 3:40 a.m. Complete the podium Gianluigi ‘AA-GIANLU-AA’ Giuliani.

€125 SCOOP-066 H: Primetime Battle KO (73,125 prize money, 650 participants)

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It continues at 9 p.m. with the guaranteed €60,000 Primetime Battle Progressive KO. There were 161 returns and 116 items of at least 99 euros, not counting the sizes. The winner ‘lazy74‘ cost 5,248 euros in size and 10,439 euros in total. Runner-up ‘AbbeshiiKert’ at 4:43 took €2,385 in bounty and €54,286 in total. Complete the podium ‘capa1991’. Then we recognize several well-known nicks, such as those of Daniele ‘ZyzzRaver’ Grasso (6th) and Simone ’94pazzini94′ Demasi (9th).

€25 SCOOP-066 L: Mini Primetime Battle KO (Jackpot 40,837, entrants 1,815)

At the end at 21:00 we have the guaranteed €30,000. Here we count 525 returns and 332 ITM players. At 4:05 the winner’the majestic AA‘ brought in a good 2,223 euros in size and a total of 4,709 euros. Second place and 2,774 euros for “PACKMAN94”.

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