Daniel Negreanu’s training schedule for the upcoming WSOP

The Daniel Negreanu be one of Player with the most followers Socially, we at Italian Poker Club are certainly not the ones to find out, and it’s also true that whenever the Canadian decides to stir up a controversy, the goal is almost always achieved.

D-Negs is aware of this and has been making headlines for the past few days after a tweets expressing his willingness to train from here in anticipation of the start of the World Series Of Poker until its scheduled start on May 30th.

Seven weeks of full training

The tweet follows the style of “Danielino”, also and mainly because of his innate awareness of attraction poker community when it comes to focusing that his more reserved sidethe personal one to improve his performance at the table.

We all know how much Negreanu le cares about her WSOP and tournament preparation has always had a special place among the priorities of the world’s most famous champion.

The tweet in question is from last year 9th April and the Canadian immediately made it clear that the various bids described are only and exclusively used to prepare for the next WSOP and will be windowed immediately after it May 29ththe day before launch.

weight lifting and long walks

The first three points only concern nutrition and physical fitness.

weight lifting, long walks, etc 1,800 calories to be consumed throughout the day.

Weightlifting will be a part of Negreanu’s life six times in seven days of the week, mind you long walks, You intend to travel a daily distance of 15,000 steps, which does not mean going for a walk, but aiming to spend less time on the sofa during the day and more time walking from one point to another of the normally covered perimeters.

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The 1,800 calories is strictly for feeding D-Negs and doesn’t seem like an unreachable goal.

The other points concern sleep quality as they relate to eliminating it bright screen in the half hour after waking up and in the hour before sleeping.

Point 5 is intended to intervene meditation daily while the 6 is walking on the grass.

The seventh suggestion to itself, on the other hand, is essentially about poker, with a promise to at least follow stream for an hour daily on PokerGo.

And finally the Movie theater, where Negreanu vows to watch all “episodes” of Rocky, creed and finally the Canadian will check all-rounder.

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