Charlie Carrel and that win at Starbucks in his pajamas

Self Charlie Carrell is an icon of world poker, the reason lies in several factors: his alternative character, an equally free-thinking free spirit, an opponent of the GTO and above all his phenomenal live and online results at a young age.

Among those who were online, the spearhead was certainly the success at Main Event SCOOP on PokerStars in 2017where the British pro player took home one of the most prestigious titles in online poker for a staggering $1,200,000.

In one of the most recent videos on his YouTube channel, Charlie a Anecdote bordering on the surreal about this victory.

You should know that on the occasion of the SCOOP, Charlie decided to play together with his dear friend from Mexico Ben Heide: “If we played from England we would have had times like 4pm to 4am, if we played from Mexico we could play with human rhythms from dawn to dusk so as not to get destroyed at the end of the day . ”

Things were already looking good for Carrel, he He had already won a tournament for around $60,000and had managed to get to the Day 4 of the Main Event $10,000 buy in.

“There was a first prize of $1,300,000, I was ninth at the final table, but I have a little trick called safety. So I get ready to grind out the bed and breakfast I turn on the PC…except it doesn’t turn on.

So I asked Ben to let me play his, he hit the power button and nothing. There was simply no electricity in the apartment.”

Mexico’s biggest blackout up for grabs with $1.2 million

The problem was far greater than Carrel had anticipated: “I turn on the phone and see another of the nine finalists amble by Playa del Carmenright where we were

I mean, he said there was a power outage. try to search online, That very day was bound to be the biggest blackout Mexico remembersover 40 million people without electricity.

A big problem because I was on day 4 with a stack worth around $250,000and if I hadn’t been able to play I probably would have finished ninth losing about $170,000 to EV.”

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With numbers of this magnitude, it is imperative that a solution be found. Charlie starts wandering around town looking for somewhere with internet (because somewhere the power went back on) until he came across a bar that served fruit juices with a Wi-Fi shaky but works.

“Sometimes the internet crashed and we had the brilliant idea of ​​explaining that we were playing for unreal numbers. As he jumped I asked the bartender if there was anything he could do and he told me “Yes, I’ll finish pouring the juices and check”. Don’t worry, we’re playing for millions of dollars, take your time.

we were now resign Whatever happened, it was okay. One thing I love about my relationship with Ben is that in every situation we find a way to joke about it.”

Starbucks pajama millionaire

Between disconnects, Charlie manages to get out a super fine gameEliminate opponents and climb positions until you get there Chip leader 4 left. And that’s where the Connection fails permanentlywhen he had to call a nut straight bet.

“I told Ben to stay at the bar and let me know if the connection was restored and I went out to look for another place. I was in my pajamas walking through this mexican city with the PC in my arms and the mouse pounding on my leg asks – stupidly – ​​everyone ‘Internetto?’. I didn’t know how to say that in Spanish.

I finally get to this Starbucks, the barista says yes. In two seconds I turn on the PC and connect – always praise the free wifi at Starbucks without a password – and I even manage to do it come into the same hand that I left hanging.”

We all know how this story ends. Charlie eliminated all opponents, made a small deal heads-up, and ultimately took home a first prize of $1,200,000.

“I may be a record holder: the man who made the most money of all time at Starbucks in a single day.

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