When Fausto Tantillo considered folding pocket aces on the turn, 7 remained in the main event Carmen Series Cyprus

In the poker there are some action that make you jump Chair who follows that fit. Last week to cause a real one ‘Epiphany’ to the commentators of Electricity it was Fausto tantillo.

The POY Italia 2022 was 7 left for a first coin of €376,800 each closing table of the main event of the Carmen series if he did inferior a beautiful pair of aces at the turn.

The Palermo he was so sure of his act that he showed it cards at the reception table i Well done. Alone one hour Later, when the hand came on the livestream, he found out he had done it done correctly.

The hand

7 left tournament on 150k/300k blinds with bb ante. Out of utgwith 12.9 million stacks, Fausto opens 600 kATO. To his Left Spasov (stack 9.1M) calls with 99call too Chilaud from the big blind with K7 (12.5 million stacks).

flop Qk9 Chilaud check overTantillo check, Spasov Bet 750kChilaud is calling, Tantillo who loves.

turn 3 Chilaud check, Tantillo check overSpasov bet 2.25M, Chilaud folds, folds too tantillo his couple Axles!

Before mucking the game’s best starting hand, Tantillo the show to Spasov, who can’t hide a motorcycle disappointment.

What Faust said

With the friendliness and education that set him apart, so does Fausto forgiveness if we decline our invitation to make a statement in the detail his hand, but verily he has not left us speechless dry:

“For GTO it is a standard fold, in fact I snapfolded the aces face up, I turned them over immediately – Tantillo said in a vowel sent via WhatsApp – I had no doubts about folding, also because there are very few bluffs: on at this point he has a clear range advantage”.

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on this one plankIn fact, there are numerous combinations able to crush the beautiful axons from Tantillo: KQ, JT, the different sets, spade combinations…

The reaction after showing

Fausto stayed convinced his action also for the Behave from Spasov:

“When I turned over my aces, I told him to show, also because an hour later I would see the hand streaming with lag. He didn’t want to show it, but was visibly annoyed 🙂”

In the vision the stream confirmation that you took it Decision To the right. Not that Tantillo needed it: for him that fold it was the best option in it Job.

But after that testifies the estimation of the table, for Fausto these gods have arrived commentatorswhich you can hear in the video below.


Here is the video of the hand:

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