The Sunday Million XIV finalists charts and stats

The Sunday Million XIV is closed this morning with a four-way deal, which then saw victory for ‘sl112358’.

means graphics and game stats, let’s find out who the player arrived at the final table to fight for the title more desirable than the landscape on-line Italian.

the field is colorful but there are at least a few regular very well known.

9 – 7 champions

The first person eliminated from the final table has been a PokerStars member for three years but has played fewer than 25 tournaments to date! Prior to tonight he had only made one final table and no 4-figure coins as can be seen in ‘7championzio”s top 5 cash table.

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8 – IcanWIN19

‘IcanWIN19’ has been active since 2012 and currently has 1,203 tournaments with an average buy-in of €30.22 for a total win of €16,947.

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7 – magical1986

Since 2009 he has entered just over a thousand tournaments with an average buy-in of €8.21. The best price ever for “magico1986” was €2,690 thanks to a fourth place finish at a Night On Stars in 2012.

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6 – Hope91

In sixth place of this Sunday Million XIV we find Simone Speranza, a very veteran grinder who has recently reduced his appearances at the PokerStars tables. Today ‘spera91’ has 20,589 tournaments with an average buy-in of €47.8 for a profit of €277,281.

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5 – lorz1995

Since the first tournament in 2021, “lorz1995” has accumulated a historic 3,389 tournaments on PokerStars with an average buy-in of €18.15. Today it shows a profit of €53,817.

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4 – wick921

A longtime player on PokerStars since 2009, ‘lucignolo921’ has played 1,250 tournaments with an average buy-in of €8.6. Ahead of tonight, the best coin collected – the only four-digit number of his career – was €2,830 thanks to a second-place finish in the €15 Mini NOS in 2012. Then this incredible achievement worth over €43,000.

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We’ve already heard about him because he made a terrific debut at PokerStars. Today ‘giopennix’ has 19,341 tournaments with an average buy-in of €30.51 for an incredible total win of €229,915. Its graphics are a feast for the eyes.

graph giopennix

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2 – Vins1926

When a big hit changes your career. The 2013 PokerStars registered runner-up of this Sunday Million XIV didn’t really have a positive record at the tables until yesterday. Then the jump from second place a few hours ago: now “Vins1926” has 2,494 tournaments with an average buy-in of €25.06 for a total profit of €65,006.

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The Sunday Million XIV winner played his first tournament on PokerStars on February 26, 2020 and has since played in 3,246 tournaments (plus 837 re-entries) with an average buy-in of €30.87.

During those three game years, ‘sl112358’ has won a winter event and two runners-up in Galactic Series and SCOOP events by weight, as can be seen by ranking the top five prizes collected by the player.

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