Poker Live: Tantillo, Treccarichi and Brandi compete in Cyprus, PLO almost beats at Kings

Live Poker brings us excellent news between Central and Southern Europe.

In Cyprus for the $3,000 Main Event Merit Poker Carmen Seriess there are three Azzurri who take the pass towards the third day: Fausto Tantillo, Walter Treccarichi And Jacob Brandi. A trident of absolute thickness.

At King’s Casino, it stops one step short of the title Alain Dario Stia: The Italian player is second in the €10,000 Pot Limit Omaha for the The Big Wrap PLO.

Bring the beauty home 231,500 euros for his work.

Lots of irons in the fire and let’s see in detail.

Merit Series: Three of a Kind in the Main Event

The $3,000 Main Event Merit Poker Carmen Series puts it in a nutshell: Day 2 passed and the doors of Day 3 open The tournament has collected the adhesion 765 pay for a net prize pool of 2,111,400 Dollar. This sum will be shared 89 Positions with minimum cash set to $4,580 and… well 376,800 Bills await the future champion.

I am 142 those facing the third day, and among these there are three Italians. Our trident is gathered at very close intervals and commands the special Italian count Fausto Tantillo which he puts in the envelope 507,000 tokens The Sicilian stands in the middle of the ford and mischievously waits for the ideal moment to attack.

Very similar speech for Walter Treccarichi pursued on high 495,000 and skillfully swims to the point where the bubble bursts. The last player from Bel Paese to advance towards the third day is Jacob Brandi which completes the turning point 443,000 Unit. In short, for all wide playable stacks.

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At the head of the count we find Maxime Chilaud. The Frenchman makes his own story on Day 2 and flies along 1,895,000 Crisps. The only big one that can compete is Ephraim Tavdi what accumulates 1,861,000 Crisps. The game continues at 12.00 in Italian with level 19: 6,000-12,000 big blinds before 12,000.

The top 10 of day 2

1 Maxime Chilaud 1,895,000
2 Ephraim Tavdi 1,861,000
3 Mikhail Magalashvili 1,766,000
4 Denis Kapustin 1,580,000
5 Mikhail Zamyatin 1,567,000
6 Kristaps Vismanis 1,560,000
7 Uri Reichenstein 1,545,000
8 Shalev Halfa 1,440,000
9 Boris Angelov 1,346,000
10 Daniel Myers 1,300,000

The Big Wrap: Check it out at King’s

There are second places that sometimes count as wins, especially from an economic point of view. It is the case Alain Dario Stia that stops one step away from success €10,000 Pot Limit Omaha for The Big Wrap PLO and cash out 231,500 Bills.

At King’s Casino, the show never stops and even the variations are in fashion with this series of events dedicated to Pot Limit Omaha. The tournament in question, with the Blues close to triumph, received liability from 142 Player. A very high number considering both the demanding buy-in and the specialty.

You are done in the prize pool 1,308,530 euros into which was divided 15 Price Positions: The minimum premium is 22,165€, with 337,000 euros allocated to the sample. Alain Dario Stia He not only overcame the bursting bubble and made the final table, but literally rose to the top.

The Blues reach the final duel against”ice cream man“: The Iceman hoists the German flag and fends off the attacks of the player from Bel Paese and finally puts an end to the games. Dario consoles himself with a fantastic second place, worth a very heavy check 231,500 Euro while the new champion lifts the trophy to the sky from Rozvadov.

Final table payout

1 EISMANN Germany €337,000
2 Alain Dario Stia Italy €231,500
3 Joni Petteri Jouhkimainen Finland €152,000
4 Gustav Hagelin Christensen Denmark €123,000
5 Alexi Komninos Skoulos Sweden €98,800
6 Niklas Mikael Aastedt Sweden €77,200
7 Alexander Wendell Livingston Canada €60,900
8 Willm Engelke Germany €46,400
9 Harald Casagrande Austria €34,000

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