The hand played in Jacksonville condemning the “Check In The Dark”.

We have often advised on these pages to use as few formulas as possible that have little to do with the traditional rules of modern poker.

The dynamics of Check in the darkor as they call it in the states that “pretested‘ but it’s not exactly an unheeded rule it often deals fairly incalculable damage.

What is check in the dark

We’ve talked about this dozens of times, but those who aren’t too knowledgeable know that the pre-checked move is marked by an action that anticipates a declaration of will to be made with the community cards face down.

The most common instance of this move is for the player to open from late position after a general check, everyone folds to the big blind (but positions are obviously completely irrelevant). decides to call the amount used to open.

Before the dealer deals the community cards on the flop, the player out of position decides to take their action explain check in the dark. In practice, he gives the floor to the player who opened the hand without knowing what flop his opponent will act on.

We have often written that this is an advantage for i experienced players, who know how to behave when the opponent’s action is already known, thereby gaining an additional advantage in addition to position.

What is certain is that the big blind, once familiar with this type of move, will often try to cause trouble for the original raiser check-raise able to keep the head in this and the following hands against the opponent of the row.

However, in general, it is recommended to only use it if you are able to walk all the way If it’s suddenly used by someone completely incompetent, it risks adding disaster to a problem…

The Hand of Sin

These days we’re playing them RunGood Poker Series Main Event in Jacksonville, in which they have participated so far 103 Registered players awaiting the last two flights today, which will total the players who will play on Sunday Day 2.

The tournament has a buy-in of $1,200 and has a prize pool gtd extension From $300,000.

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However, around noon yesterday, a hand was played that perfectly fits the theme of our post, and the Pokernews folks picked it up right at the start.

Matthew Griffin he raised to 3,500 on the button and was called by Christopher Lang who opened UTG at 1,200 with blinds of 300-500/500.

Long himself checked in the dark before the flop came 5 8th 3 and Griffin decided to double check.

A Q fell on the turn and this time long bet 5,000, what griffin called before a t falls into the river.

Both players agreed to check and Long put 7 on the table 8th for pocket eights, less than Griffin’s point showing Q J enough for a pair of queens to win the pot.

Ahhhh, I shouldn’t have checked in earlier because I did?” Long said, stigmatizing his own behavior.

In hindsight, a donk bet on the flop would most likely have allowed him to take home the pot, but the ifs and buts never went down in history and Long lost a big pot.

Homepage: Christopher Long courtesy of PokerNews & RGPS Jacksonville

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