How to play when the opponents at the table are stronger than you

Thanks to satellitespoker players can to qualify for tournaments that would otherwise be out of their league Scopeand what they usually are populated by players from even highest, registered by paying the buy-in in full.

How convenient adjust in such situations? in one Contribution on PokerStrategy explains it the Irish people Dara O’Kearney, already the author of a book entirely devoted to the satellites.

“In 2015 I played the WSOPE €2,200 buy-in Six Max event and it turned out to be one of the worst players at the table along with Stephen Chidwick and Marvin Rettenmaier. I’ve made the same adjustments I advise amateurs today when qualifying for a big event: play tighter, bigger pots, and accept variance.

games tighter

Shrink i enough is the first indication by O’Kearney. It can be understood intuitive: it’s hard to find the elimination by folding or when you just play strong hands. On the other hand, if you i dark enough, much is lost IV. But for O’Kearney, the question lies in the minimize the losses.

“Sacrificing a small EV is nothing compared to the EV you would lose playing a pot out of position against a more experienced player. Stick to the hands that let you know what to do when you flop some equity.”

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Enlarge the pots

Contrary to the previous point, this indication is more counterintuitive. Actually zoom in on i Pot the stack-to-pot ratio decreases and with it the post-flop edge Opponent More experienced can train on from We.

“If the SPR is low and you flop top pair, you can proceed with your hand. If you flop a good draw, you can play it aggressively for the entire stack, and there’s no counterplay for better opponents to use to take advantage of you.

look over to Ask of the page across fromO’Kearney emphasizes avoiding small balls.

“You shouldn’t let better opponents play more streets against you, make more bets and tricky moves like floats, check/raises and overbets.”

Embrace variance

From what has been said it is clear that O’Kearneywhen you encounter multiple opponents strong at the poker tables is the last thing to do be scared to put your own crisps in the middle of.

“At this WSOPE tournament I came eighth with €8,790 in prize money because I played few hands but very aggressively. The others complied by tiptoeing around me when they realized I was happy to deal with the deviation.”

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