Live Poker: Michael Uguccioni last blue bulwark with 21 left in warm up

We cling Michael Uguccioni.

Day 3 does not allow appeals in Cyprus for which $2,200 Merit Poker Carmen Series Warm Up: Four Azzurri in play, but three of them reach the end of the road before the bubble bursts.

The only one to come forward and keep the title hopes alive is Michael Uguccioni, sailing in the middle with 21 counts remaining. The blue has everything to make its mark on the Mediterranean island.

Let’s see in detail.

Merit Series: a very bitter precursor

The $2,200 warm-up exercises sees 126 players back on Day 3, with 71 Price positions on which the loot is shared 1,124,240 dollars, thanks to 611 payers.

Four Azzurri try to attack the prize area but three of them miss the target. Fausto Tantillo And Friedrich Makori collapse almost immediately, with Michael Guerini who can really blame fate. The Tuscan ends in allin with KK and find yy in the hands of the rival.

Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses currently verifiable on Italian operator sites. This table is informational and the operators are displayed in random order.

No wonder on the board and the third Italian is out of the game too. Consequently, all hopes rest on the best Michael Uguccioni which goes against the trend of his compatriots. Michael not only excels in the hottest phase, which is the bursting of the bubble, but also keeps pounding after the reward is reached.

Unsurprisingly, with the third day suspended, Uguccioni is still in contention for the championship title. The Bel Paese player puts the envelope inside 2,865,000 Pieces that put him in 11th place. Michael is right in the thick of it, considering they are 21 promoted players.

The requirements for participating in a great ride are all in place. The 21 left have in your pocket 9,300 Dollars, but all eyes focus on the first coin 206,800 Dollar, with the runner-up you’ll have to settle for 152,400 Bills. Reaching the 9-handed final table will secure you at least $20,700.

Papers in the air, the final day starts at 1pm local time while it is 12pm in Italy. The game restarts at level 27, 50,000-100,000 big blinds 100,000. Turkey’s Koray Korkmaz commands the dance at a height of 7,050,000 chips.

The top 10

1 Koray Korkmaz 7,050,000
2 Edward Barsegian 5,080,000
3 Dmitry Gromov 4,900,000
4 Julien Loire 4,610,000
5 Boris Angelov 4,550,000
6 Nicolas Chouity 3,800,000
7 Basel Khabbazeh 3,440,000
8 Damir Zhugralin 3,400,000
9 Viktor Ustimov 3,100,000
10 Mikhail Zamyatin 3,005,000

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