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Ready to cheer the poker players Blue?

Saturday 25th Marchin addition book pageyou can follow Michael Uguccionifist tantilloMichele Guerini and Frederick Makori on Day 3 of the $2,200 Warm-Up Carmen Series Cyprus!

The new series of tournaments organized by Merit Casino on the Mediterranean island also offers one high rollers $5,300 buy-in, starting Sunday, March 26th and the main event from $3,300, which will withdraw on Tuesday, March 28th.

But for now let’s focus on those Warm up hoping to see one of our flag bearers again closing table scheduled for Sunday 26th to fight for the first coin from 206 thousand dollars!

To start live from Cyprus, just click in the box at the bottom of the page.

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Program of the Carmen series Cyprus

At your place Buy case
23-26 March $2,200 Warm up
26-28 March $5,300 high rollers
March 28 – April 2 $3,300 main event

Payout Warm-Up Carmen Series Cyprus

1 $206,800
2 $152,400
3 $93,300
4 $69,000
5 $51,800
6 $41,500
7 $34,600
8th $27,600
9 $20,700

Live Streaming Carmen Series Cyprus

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