How Davidi Kitai deals with bad times

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What’s the best thing to do during bad runs when things are going badly?

Let’s find out what he’s doing during these times Davidi Kitai: on the blog of the poker room he is the testimonial of, the Belgian most successful ever tackled the subject Breastaccomplice a early 2023 not really gods preferably.

It is not enough to play a “low variance” style

Kitai writes that he has started a year marked by optimism given the good results obtained in 2022. But this first Months of 2023 have not respected his you would like that“although at the start of the PCA Bahamas festival I finished fourth in a $2,000 buy-in tournament that netted me $50,000.”

The result was just a fire from hay because – writes Kitai – alla PCA then he played Seven twenty without going to the prize, and the streak of ‘no more money’ she then came to 17 tournaments between EPT Paris and WiPT.

“17 tournaments without it burns a bit, but for an MTT player it’s not that important anymore. Almost everyone has experienced this situation at some point, although it’s more common online than live. In my more “low variance” game, it happens a little less often than most, but it remains a standard thing once you’ve decided to be a professional player. And there’s also the other side of the coin, the positive variance: times when you’re running really well, even if you don’t notice it as much when you’re on the right side.”

The risks for everyone

According to Kitai nei periods of running bad is looking mental the one who presents the greatest risks.

“There are different types of risk. The tilt risk that makes us play less well without even realizing it. The risk of losing confidence, which makes us doubt the way we play. The risk of losing motivation, because poker is fun when you’re winning, but when you’re on a losing streak you may never want to play again.”

It’s important for Kitai to accept that swings of variance without using it as alibi in the periods in which the results are sparse.

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“You have to accept the role of variance in poker and not hesitate when the results don’t come. Sometimes you can win by playing badly and lose by playing well. This is something of a poker paradox and it makes it difficult to view your game with a self-critical eye.”

The reality is that all or almost all poker players play at least a little worse when they are in a variance period Negativeand a bit’ Better when i’m in Trust.

“Confidence is an extremely important aspect of optimal performance for any athlete. For players who are having a difficult time at the tables, I recommend lowering their game limits and choosing tournaments better, favoring those with higher EVs but also those they enjoy the most. This serves to rediscover the joy of victory and regain confidence.”

The risks for a poker pro

Kitai says no periods where everything goes at the tables bad try to take care of another aspect psychologically that’s about a kind of gratitude to his status Poker Pros:

“The life of a poker player is not easy. You need to know how to deal with deviations, which can sometimes be cruel. You need to learn how to manage your money optimally because it is difficult to predict an hourly rate in terms of profitability. They often need to be socially disconnected from reality and unable to access employee benefits such as health care or pensions. Despite the difficulties, we must not forget the essentials: poker is a game, many people would like to have a job consisting of playing cards!”

The Belgian considers himself privileged because just like for them footballSports in general and video games there are few chosen that they have the ability to do so live of these activity.

“Understand that you are privileged and redouble your efforts to get there because the level keeps rising. You have to improve faster than others to stay competitive. If you’re unwilling to make all of these sacrifices, or are inherently risk-averse, it could mean you’re not cut out: a more traditional profession might suit you better. As for me, I stay super motivated and confident for the next events like the EPT Monte-Carlo: I play at home and I feel good there. And if not, then for a future tournament. The most important thing is to keep playing well.”

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