Freeroll Monday Jackpot: Special Edition will be released on March 26th

This last Monday A very special Monday Jackpot is coming to PokerStars in March!

The tournament that increase the jackpot whenever the guaranteed reached, this month will be something very special.

Also, but not only because hundred The players have the opportunity to do so play it for free

Monday Jackpot Freerolls

Yes, because by hours 20.30 Mondajy Jackpot – FREEROLL starts on Sunday March 26th with a guaranteed jackpot of 10 thousand euros Monday Jackpot Tickets!

The competition is already visible in the PokerStars lobby: Registrations open on Sunday, March 26, from 2:30 p.m.

The Monday Jackpot Freeroll has a formula “Everything in shot”: means that at each hand All players at the table leave everything automatically until it stays a survivedthereby switching to automatic all-ins Table the following.

Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses currently verifiable on Italian operator sites. This table is informational and the operators are displayed in random order.

The last hundred players All-in-barrage survivors get the tickets to play for FREE Monday Jackpots Departure at 8.30 p.m Monday, March 27th.

Higher and higher

For the competition the jackpots will indeed be an issue special. In fact, the last few months guaranteed of the tournament has always been reached above and in this Marzolina edition it provides a jackpot from ninety thousand euros.

As always Al Monday Jackpots It is recommended to register as soon as possible Soon possible to use the advantages on the one hand Game in particular deep the first hour of play:

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On the other hand because in the former two hours of the game, acc tradition of the tournament respectively 15 minutes 8 tables are drawn at random Participant you will win bonuses and added rewards.

What if Monday Next up were the PokerStars Guaranteed Tournaments, which Monday Jackpots April will be one jackpot From hundred thousand euros round!

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