The incredible run of the Gera family: mother and son win a tournament 300 km apart on the same evening

Just a random joke, or maybe there’s even some kind of “umbilical cord” in poker?

Anyway, the coincidence that happened a few nights ago in the United States brings smiles.

The run at the green tables took on a familiar format: 300 kilometers apart, mother and son played two poker tournaments and both won within minutes.

That common thread between Las Vegas and California

The son’s name is Nikhil Gera, works in life as a psychiatrist and has a practice in Las Vegas and one in Los Angeles. Last night he battled it out at the tables at Wynn in a multi-day event with a $1,100 buy-in and a half-million guaranteed prize pool.

Ms. Gera’s name is Manju and she played a $500 buy-in mystery bounty tournament at Gardens Casino in Southern California.

The further the two tournaments progressed, the closer the two came to a great result despite a distance of more than 300 kilometers.

“We texted each other constantly, at one point she texted me that there were 13 left and that she had already won $12,000 in mysterious bounties,” Nikhil told the WPT portal.

“It was really surreal – Ms. Manju repeated.

Son’s Victory

Last night Nikhil boasted over a million dollars in live tournament earnings. Al Wynn raised an initial coin of $131,665, the fourth-largest of his career but also the only six-figure cashed in the past five years.

“When I went to collect the prize, Mum texted me that she was heads up – said Nikhil – The nice thing is that she doesn’t actually play no limit hold’em, she focuses more on mixed games. I was shocked by his victory over so many opponents. And of course very happy for them too.”

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“Nikhil tried to train me at NLHE because I told him that these guys in hoodies intimidated me – said the mother – I’m trying to learn the game and it was a really positive experience.”

mother’s victory

Just an hour later, after receiving another 5,000 bounties, Ms. Gera won the Mystery Bounties tournament for more than $52,000, taking her career earnings to more than $200,000.

“All my wins so far have been small numbers so this is a big opportunity for me. I haven’t collected anything from mixed games or anywhere for a long time, so I was very excited last night.”

In reality, Manju Gera had already won a WSOP circuit ring in a $350 buy-in mixed games event back in 2019. Although he had never won a five-figure prize as of last night, his live tournament winnings totaled over $150,000. To think that Frau Gera had tackled the game to strengthen the bond with her son…

genetic problem?

First, Nikhil and his friends trained Mrs. Gera, then the roles were partially reversed. What is certain is that within the walls of Gera, poker is one of the most popular topics of conversation.

“We talk a lot about hands played – says Nikhil – and I feel like you can give me some valuable mixed game advice today.”

From the mother’s words to the honey for her son, it would be a problem for the two to sit at the same table:

“I’m really proud of my boyfriend, he works very hard, he has one job in Vegas and one in Los Angeles and he does well at everything, he loves poker and has found a balance that isn’t easy to achieve. He’s always been very supportive. Every time I went to play, he would encourage me, sit next to me and talk to me about the game.”

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