Live Poker: two blues on the final day of Main Eureka, Di Giacomo lurks in the High Roller

The sky is getting bluer and bluer. That’s what the legendary Rino Gateano sang and that’s what our people are singing these hours at King’s Casino.

Between the Main Event and the High Roller, we have high hopes for the Eureka Poker Tour, which sees its final defining day today. Paolo Calculli and Simone Pascucci chase the triumph in the €1,100 prize, which guarantees €283,000 for the champion.

At €2,200, Enzo Tommasone instead commands the blue poker, which has just entered the prize zone: the quartet is completed by Claudio Di Giacomo, Roberto Tasso and Daniele Suzeri.

Let’s see in detail.

Eureka Poker Tour: The Main is looking for its champion

Last corner and then decisive sprint to victory. 21 still in contention for the title of Champion in the €1,100 Main Event Eureka Poker Tour Yesterday at King’s Casino, 281 of 1,886 paying players returned to play Day 2. Only two of them secure the pass for the last day.

Excellent performance for Paolo Calculli, who puts 2,790,000 units in the envelope: seventh box in the count and a stack to dream with. Similar speech for Simone Pascucci, who will start with 2.1 million pieces from the eleventh box. The Italian hopes for the big coup rest on the two.

The 21 remaining have at least €7,942 in their pockets, but all eyes are on the first $283,000 coin. Second place is worth €172,000, with the final table guaranteeing finalists €22,700. Cards in the air, the final day starts at 2pm, with the level 40,000-80,000 big blind before 80,000.

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The top 10 by count

Eureka Poker Tour: Blue Poker in the High Roller

The Eureka Poker Tour ends with a bang at King’s, bringing us a €2,200 extra-money high roller with $100,000 guaranteed in the prize pool. On Day 1, 199 participants signed up, significantly exceeding the prize pool, with 378,100 to be shared among the 27 players who made it to the final day of competition.

The payout is only made when hostilities resume and up to four Azzurri search for the coup. Enzo Tommasone is the best of our line, with 596,000 units worthy of third place in the count. A really big stack. Attention then to the usual Claudio Di Giacomo. A sniper at these levels and starts again from 120,000 chips.

Roberto Tasso and Daniele Suzeri will also try to get back on track. Roberto collects 65,000 chips while Daniele finishes the count with 25,000 units. We need a great performance from both to get back into the game. Maps in the air with the last tag starting at 4pm, with the level 5,000-10,000 big blind before 10,000.

The top 10

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