MTT Viewpoints: Bubble pocket tens on chip leader’s open push

Back to our column ‘Viewpoints’ in which we report what they would do several professionals poker in a given space.

Today it is one bet a little bit atypical: we did not ask a No one follow in the footsteps of hero hand because it was hero equal, that is Jeff “Boski” Sluzinski.

At Twitter asked the US professional AI Colleagues what would they do in one Job what happened to him current Triton SHRS import Vietnam.

Out of money maker in Faraz jaka go through charlie Car and Benjamin ‘bencb789’ rolemany high-ranking experts had their say.

The spot

15 remain with 14 cash positions in the $25,000 Triton 8-max Turbo, which counted 104 entries. First place in the money pays $44,200, first place in the tournament pays 670,000.

From Cutoff Ike Haxton, the chip leader at the Openshova table, 2.4 million chips. Jeff Boski on the button with 960,000 chips T-pin T: All in or Fold?

Remember that “Boski” had the third stack in play at that moment with his 19bb of the eight in attendance. There were also players shorter than him at the other table in the tournament.


Here’s what the intervening professionals would have done instead of “Boski”.

Nacho Barbero

The ICM is for the poor, call and go and win the tournament!

Faraz Jaka

He calls, shoves a lot of Axes, Kxs Kxs and low pairs that we dominate, only occasionally flips (which is bad) and is pretty sure we’re never dominated. Middle pairs play better than two high cards in these spots because we often dominate an opponent’s range when they have a large shove range

Benjamin Rolle

If your goal is to get mini-cash, it means you’re scared of money, or you don’t follow the rules of bankroll management, or you don’t understand the ICM (worse, all three combined). As such, you are doomed to be a loser in tournament poker.

Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses currently verifiable on Italian operator sites. This table is informational and the operators are displayed in random order.

1) Often people don’t understand the difference between the bubbles of small, medium or large field tournaments.

2) Just because it’s the bubble doesn’t mean you have to wait for KK+.

3) ICM measures risk and opportunity and sometimes it’s worth risking the bubble with AQ/AK/TT/99/88.

Chris Geldmacher

If you fold, you’re on the pro team (ed, the two are testimonials from the same US poker room)

what has hero

In the Hero Called game, Haxton flipped KQ. On a smooth board, Boski doubled his stack and then finished in seventh place for $121,000 in prize money

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