Live Poker: 14 Italians advance in the Main Eureka, Matteo Calzoni plays the charge

Poker Live always in blue colors.

The €1,100 Main Event Eureka continue to speak Italian, at King’s Casino and others 14 Compatriots pocket the pass for the second day: 10 come from day 1B and another 4 from day 1C in the turbo version.

i am in everything 16 Players from Bel Paese assured of a day 2 spot and a cash reward.

Matthew Calzoni is the cover man of the day yesterday, with a Michael Mansi in two versions: the one in which he surrendered in the 14th €330 Eureka Cup and the one who responds great by taking turns flying in the main event.

In short, a Friday we didn’t think was 17 anyway. Let’s see in detail.

Eureka Poker Tour: Manzi misses the top spot in the cup

We left on the last day €330 Eureka Cup with 16 players runs e Michael Mansi the only blue willing to sell dearly in relegation to the title.

Unfortunately for him, the race is over 14th place and without appeal, in exchange for 2,329 Euros, but as said and as we shall see, our compatriot will be able to make up for that in the main event. The tournament instead ends with the success of “RB27‘: The Lithuanian takes the win after an ICM deal with four left.

He gets most of the deal, with 32,530 euros, while it ranks in second place Carlo Fernando for 31,260 grand. The third place ends up in the hands of Robert Binek (€26,586) and “DPO“, which secures 24,000 euros.

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Eureka: Italy Show at King’s Casino

The King Casino is still the home of live poker and above all the ideal stage for Italian players. Yesterday 10 Azzurri made it through Day 1B, del €1,100 Main Event Eurekawith 4 more advances from day 1C in turbo version. 14 Players from Bel Paese participating in both Day 1A qualifiers for total 16 Unit.

In the second round it’s a show Matthew Calzoni which closes third in the day count and puts the envelope inside 499,000 Crisps. Well-deserved cover and excellent signals in terms of relegation to the title. Behind him, here is the one mentioned above Michael Mansi. He redeems himself from the early exit from the Eureka Cup and moves into the top 10 with 448,000 tokens.

In the wake of Manzi, here Simon Pascucci that stands at 433,000. Excellent performance then for Eros Calderone (290,000), Nicholas D’Anselmo (279,000), Leonardo Romeo (247,000) and Mauro Baseggio (144,000). Finally, on the second day we see Paolo Calculli (131,000), Guido Pieraccini (123,000) and Vincenzo Bianco (88,000).

On Day 1C, four Italians complete halftime. The best is Enrico Bove with 496,000 while Luigi Gaudiano assembles the beauty of 324,000 chips. Enzo Tomasone starts again at 159,000, with “grandfather1″ who is looking for a comeback to increase his 79,000 chips.

Let’s get to the numbers, which are starting to get interesting €1,100 Main Event Eureka who gave away one million euros. On day 1B in 430 take part in the flight and others 187 they answer in the evening for day 1C. The part of the payers reads 753if there are still two rounds to play today and the guaranteed million will certainly be exceeded.

65 qualifiers from Day 1B and another 29 from the third flight, with 115 Players we’ll see again on day two knowing they’re already in the money.

The Italians count between Day 1B and Day 1C

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