Phil Hellmuth’s Las Vegas mansion is up for sale, but there’s a mystery

The ‘Poker Brat’ tries again with great fanfare.

After an apparently unsuccessful attempt a few years ago, Phil Hellmuth has put his Las Vegas mansion up for sale again.

It’s an iconic venue for poker, but there’s been no shortage of controversy across the internet, and there are even those who have raised a little yellow.

The social ad

Hellmuth announced the sale of his villa with a tweet on Twitter.

“I bought this home in Las Vegas Country Club – great location. I’ve never lived there, but I’ve been there for the WSOP and other long trips to Vegas. Now I’m selling it for $525,000. Interested parties please contact Karina Jett.”

The real estate agent of choice has a poker connection: Karina Jett has over half a million dollars in live winnings on Hendon Mob.

The Villa

Turning to the details of the villa, we can say that it has an area of ​​1,672 square feet (approx. 155 m2) and is classified as a “3 bedroom vintage home, built in 1974” at 2909 Bel Air Drive, just off is admission to the Las Vegas Country Club.

It has a panoramic view of the second green of the golf course with the Strip as a backdrop, a bedroom with a terrace, a swimming pool and a two car garage. It’s a historic spot for poker in its own right: Phil Hellmuth was immortalized on the property’s patio in a World Series commercial that later became an icon on the ESPN channel.

Hellmuth immortalized himself on the patio of the house for the famous WSOP commercial

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The position

Phil Hellmuth’s mansion is located at the entrance to the Las Vegas Golf Resort, just a stone’s throw from the Strip. According to Google Maps, Casinostraße can be reached in ten minutes by car from the residential complex.

The garden of the house is surrounded by greenery. A pleasant place sheltered from the chaos of the city of Luci, as can be seen in the photo gallery.

The controversies

However, the ‘Twitter’ in which Hellmuth announced the sale was not without controversy. First of all the price. Today, Hellmuth is asking for more than half a million dollars. In June 2020, when he first listed the mansion for sale, the asking price was $430,000.

Among supporters are those who have pointed out that the number Hellmuth is asking for today is at least 30% higher than Las Vegas real estate market prices.

Not only that, after doing some internet research, some Poker Brat supporters pointed out that the mansion is for sale in pre-foreclosure mode for $325,000.

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This would mean activating some form of mortgage after the owner defaulted on one or more mortgage payments, which would have been the case in 2019.

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