All the numbers from Antonio ‘the magician’ Esfandiari at High Stakes Poker

It is not case if they call him “The Wizard”…

after one phase where he slowed the pace poker gamesAntonio Esfandiari is back days to the foreground scene.

Be participation to the famous format “High Stakes Poker” has already left its mark.

The hand won 7-2o after a controversial decision in the last few two episodes Esfandiari added more of his own ‘Magic’

From overdone to overstuffed

There Before it’s a hit by Fireworks aired penultimate High Stakes Poker Bet.

From button Jennifer Tilly opens $3,000 22Receiving the call from Sanchez from the small blind with K9. From big blinds Esfandiari J broochJ and increase a $11,000both Sanchez and Tilly call.

The flop is one of the sensational ones: J92 for the double sentence by Tilly and Esfandiari and Sanchez with middle pair and flush draw. Esfandiari continues $14,000 if called both.

On the turn T ‘the magician’ valuebetta $43,000Tilly pusha $115,000 Send in the tank Sanchezwhat he ultimately decides to do fold. Esfandiari of course snappa with the nuts.

For the Flow comes a T what makes climb the scores of the two remaining players: the minor becomes a full-overfull, which makes that possible wizard put the pot in 305 thousand Dollar.

A player soul

In the last episode, however, Antonio did Spark with Bill Perkins. After the call from button della Tilly on the double tackle with QJPerkins raises $10,000 from big blind with T8th. From the first straddle Sipl call to t9as has Esfandiari ever since big spreader with a4.

Tilly adds Difference at the table explain that for Pot Odds is forced to do so Financial support.

On the flop 27J the end of the world happened. After I check over Opponents get the word Esfandiari if you bet $16,000, you call with Tilly top couple but Perkins with flush draw lift at $50,000 Sippl folds.

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Esfandiari, with approx half a million behind, raise to $166,000 Tilly Fold. Instead Perkins schova for about 280,000, Esfandiari who loves.

The two players agree turn turn twice e Flow. The first leak is K7 followed by 2TO and Esfandiari Pay off $606,400.

The skirmishes in the dark with Perkins

After this hand Perkins and Esfandiari they seem to want to hire one goliardic Fight in the fight, that’s a bit summarized in the “challenging” hand that we will tell.

After stapled T2Perkins asks the Table if he can change his cards Pay $5,000. The gifts they agree and the businessman receives cards worse the previous one: 52.

But so much Enough take the Pot. Indeed Esfandiari opens $3,200 in the dark and Perkins 3-bet $15,200. At this point Antony Seek his cards – 43 – and display the table four before folding.

When collecting the crisps Perkins shows his five high.

When an ace-high card suffices

Antonio was then the protagonist of one special hand especially in relation to the even of the game. In fact, it doesn’t often happen that the sharks of the high stakes arrive showdowns with double checking without even trying lose the pot with a bet if you don’t have one showdown value.

And yet it is what it is Success after Sanchez raises to $2,000 with the Q on the button3sippl who loves from the big blind with KQ and then Esfandiari tribetta to $10,000 as a straddle with Ak to be called both the opponents.

On the flop 29J Esfandiari betta $13,000 by getting Sippl’s call with his drawing monsters.

on the 7thturn Esfandiari shoots the second ball to $23,400 and is called once again from Sipl.

On the JFlow Sippl checks for the third time. Esfandiari has one ahead of him Decision difficult, but instead of aiming check over behind to see the opponent turn one of the few station wagons allowing him to forfeit the pot. If that ain’t magic…

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