Mustapha Kanit’s lesson: How not to regret bluffs gone wrong

THE bluff they are an integral part of poker. Few stocks at the table Greenmanage to cause a Enjoyment what can lead to it physicisthow to have carried the opponent to fold the cards win.

But not always all donuts they succeed Hole and not always able to do everything go well.

in one podcast with Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, Mustafa Kanit explained how not to regret bluffs that went nowhere.

“I like to be the crazy one”

At the beginning of the discussion cats He asks Kanit what he thinks about being perceived like the ‘crazy’ one Train Poker.

“That’s how I am, whoever has played against me for a long time knows that I can bluff in any situation. It’s just that I see the game a little differently than others, I’m focusing on my personal experience and the commercials I’ve played. I’m comfortable with both big bluffs and heroics.”

For Must to be seen as different from other poker players is a factor positive:

“Calling the ‘crazy’ is a good thing, in one tournament you may seem like Dragonball to others, in another like Triton… We live in a niche like poker that’s a bit monothematic, everyone has a bit of it same story, even if one was born in Italy and one in Spain, for example, their stories are similar: the player who discovers the game early and starts to devote himself to it may need 10 years of his life to develop the skills that allow him to compete at the highest level”.

According to Musta in the scene high rollers it’s impossible to say who that is improve:

“I certainly can’t say I’m the best: there are 15-20-25 names running around and depending on the run, one year can be the best, year at a time. But they’re all people who put their hearts into the game and made a lot of sacrifices to be on the road 350 days a year.”

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All the “crazy” Italians

As Jungleman says there is another Italian ‘crazy’ in the scene referring to Dario Sammartino (our ‘MadGenius87’) Musta lo corrected:

“If you say that, it means you know very few Italian poker players. I assure you that there are many who are on the moon! Compared to them, I’m the normal…”

But despite the “crazy” label, Musta makes that clear bluff always moves with you argumentation.

“I guess I’m a guy like you Jungle, I can wait for my spot, I’m not one of those guys who has to bluff after three hands in a row. Normally I wait until I have enough information and for this reason I believe that I am perceived as much more severe than I really am.”

Don’t regret bluffs that went wrong

Musta is found So juggling in between extremes:

“I don’t like getting into situations I don’t like, but I can float a four-bet and then float queen high postflop to bluff the river. It’s a mixture of tactics and feeling, you have a few reads, then I like to switch a lot to go from ‘supercrazy’ to ‘supertight’.”

Finally Musta rattles off It is the rule not to have regret not walked on cliffs Sign:

“I like to play a good tag style, but then it’s important to deviate in the individual situations where it’s possible. Then bluffs may not go well, but if you put your opponent in a difficult situation, you cannot regret it. If the opponent thinks about a standard call for about 4 minutes after your bet, then you have really bluffed and can’t blame yourself”.


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