Fatal set for Antonius, could he fold to Robl’s triple barrel?

bad shot for Patrik Antonius in the new season from High Stakes Poker.

After winning the biggest pot ever broadcast in one Electricity Americans, fate obviously bestowed upon him that i count embodies itself in Andrew Robl.

First bloody crossing with underfull, then it started tribbled we will tell you that.

The hand

Thereafter span $2,000 by Persson button Patrik Antonius (stack 1.93M) opens $10,000 with 99with 1M round of stack Andreas Robl tribetta at $52,000 with JT from big blinds, fold Persson, Antonius who loves.

flop Q98thRobl continues $65,000, call Antonius.

round 3shoots Robl second for $140,000, new Financial support for Antony.

Flow 4Rob goes in triple barrel at 375k. In the middle of the pot are $894,400. Anthony who loves and throw in the cards heap at sight stages Opponent!

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Size issue?

With his Sentence out of nine Antonius has one point strongbut on it plank there are so many combinations who hit him: the Pair Queens for the overset (3 combos), JT’s 16 combos for the straight, and some combos of spades for the flush (AKs, AJs, ATs, KJs, and so on).

There stem before flavored with one triple bet Robl’s postflop, as we know, is a very divisive action.

Using the usual pot odds formula, we see that it matters break even of the call flow of Antony is allo [375k/(894,4k+375k)]=0.295 at 29.5%. apparently, vocationAntonius felt good several times Superior in addition.


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