The Champion’s Road Trips: How Adrian Mateos prepared for the Triton Super High Roller Series in Vietnam

Poker pros, who have their preferred field of activity live, always have their bags packed.

The right input for a profitable journey can come anytime, anywhere.

Pro Adrian Mateos, for example, decided to go to Vietnam to play the Triton Super High Roller Series (which you can watch live with us in Open Maps) while in Paris for the EPT stop.

In the blog of the poker room for which he is a testimonial, the Spaniard explained the reasons that led him to fly to Asia and how he prepared for the trip.

The EPT budget

Adrian wrote that he was seduced by the Triton SHRS Vietnam during EPT Paris, where he reported a not very positive result:

“The event was very nice, with a lot of nice tournaments, but it wasn’t very favorable for me. Up until the last day, I only cashed in one event and it was the cheapest of all I’ve played, the Main Event. Luckily, and this isn’t the first time in my career, I was extremely saved from the last $25,000 buy-in high roller.”

In the two-day tournament, Mateos lost to Stephen Chidwick heads-up:

“I had a good chance to win but heads up I found myself against Chidwick who is one of the best players on the circuit at the moment. Anything could have happened but Stevie won and we have to congratulate him. I took just over two hundred thousand euros.”

Southeast Asian charm

In the blog, Mateos writes that the trip to Vietnam was already being prepared in Paris. For Spanish it is the first time:

“When I first started traveling to play tournament poker, I never thought the cards would take me to Vietnam, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. It will be my first visit to this country. I really want to play the Triton Poker Series.”

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As mentioned, the decisive factor in planning the trip was the feedback from fellow poker pros on the event in Vietnam:

“I didn’t really plan to go there originally. But player feedback on this event made me reconsider. One reason to go there is obvious: Triton festivals are famous for the crowds of high rollers on the line, and I have good reason to believe Vietnam will be home to a lot of them. Many regs who have attended the EPT have confirmed to me that they will continue this festival, some will be on the same plane as me.”

Considerations on the EV of a trip

On the face of the played poker, Mateos explains that the Vietnamese trip got him thinking about the expected general and the field:

“This series is potentially really interesting because for the first time online qualifiers have been organized. This is good news for me on two counts: it will increase attendance and allow me to play against players who don’t usually play in the big buy-ins. From the outset, they should be a bit weaker than the average regulars at Triton tournaments.”

Adrian already has a clear schedule for the days at the Triton Super High Roller Series:

“There are 10 tournaments in total with buy-ins ranging from $15,000 to $100,000. I intend to play them all, no, I’ll correct myself: I would prefer to play as little as possible, because then I can do several deep runs. In any case, I’m confident in my chances and in my current game.”

The worry

The programs are clear. Mateos has only one concern for the trip to Vietnam:

“The journey itself. On the one hand, I’m excited to discover a new country that should also be very different from all the other places I’ve been to. But at the same time, I have to admit that the idea of ​​driving 20 hours to get to my destination scares me a little. Especially the day after a busy festival like EPT Paris. I hope it will be worth it…”

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