ISOP Nova Gorica: Giuseppe Cripta takes everyone’s turn, Fantini is fourth

Curtain up for ISOP at Perla di Nova Gorica. After five days of action, it shows up Joseph crypt. He is the fourth champion of the season after a very important test on the last day and a perfect relegation to the final table.

The last to surrender under his blows is Attilio Gatta who did not manage to turn the tide in the last duel with the immense Paulo Fantini who dreams for a long time and is only forced to give up in the fourth place. Comeback not completed Alexander Minasijust a few steps away from the final table.

Let’s see in detail.

ISOP: 18 for the title

The Main Event ISOP confirms its attractiveness for players and not only from Bel Paese. In 589 accepted the challenge for a fight that monopolized attention for five days at the Perla Casino in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Of that only in 18 They’ve reached the final act and with the confidence they at least have 2,200 Euros in your pocket aiming to capture the first coin 31,000 EUR.

Among the first to let go there are John Soci (18th), Manuel Ferrari (16th), Paolo Fietta (14th), Massimo Schiralli (13.) E Alexander Minasi (12th). One of the most recognizable faces of the final day of competition, the Piedmontese is looking for promotion from the bottom up. But as we have seen, the terminus comes earlier than expected in exchange for 1,700 EUR.

With the deletion of Andrija Vujic in tenth place determines the formation of the final table a 9 players, under the eyes of the cameras. Then the sprint for victory begins.

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ISOP: Crypt does not offer discounts

The final table does not allow for appeals at the ISOP Main Event. The eight-player phase lasts over two hours and pays off for everyone in the end Markus Valentin who pulls all in with 7-7 and pops up yy From Paulo Fantini. Not even Matic Gabroncek (7th) can double Nikola Masellis and former Day 2 leader Richard Pascale who surrenders in fifth place 5,500 EUR.

Paulo Fantini is one step away from the podium out of competition. Fourth place was eliminated for him in exchange 7,600 EUR. The bronze medal goes around the neck William of Benedict what begins with A-2 vs. J-10 of Crypt, who hits a hook on the flop and sends his rival in for $11,000.

Then it’s on to the final duel, with Joseph crypt what begins with 17.6 million chips, compared to 11 million Attilio Gatta. It takes about twenty minutes to put an end to this, with the new champion thanking 9-6 gets better 6-4 of the runner-up, thanks also to the board 8-5-4-3-9. cat collects 20,500 Euro, with Crypt leading home 31,000 Euro and the championship title.

Final table payout

1. Crypt Giuseppe €31,000 + Main Event ticket to the Italian Championships
2. Cat Attilio €20,500 + Main Event ticket to the Italian Championships
3. Tue Benedetto Guglielmo €11,000 + Ticket Main Event Italian Championships
4. Jockeys Paolo €7,600 + Ticket Main Event Italian Championships
5. Pasquale Riccardo €5,500 + Ticket Main Event Italian Championships
6. Masellis Nicola €4,500 + Ticket Main Event Italian Championships
7. Gabroncek Matic €3,600 + Ticket Main Event Italian Championships
8. Valentino Marco €2,752 + Main Event ticket to the Italian Championships

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