Poker Live: Fantini and Minasi attack ISOP, Davide Muccini finishes fourth in Tallinn

Live poker is always on fire and the show is never lacking.

In Slovenia the Main Event ISOP reduced the field to 18 players en route to the title. Above all, the wild RIccardo PasqualeWith two familiar faces in the fray and called for a comeback: that’s what it’s all about Paulo Fantini And Alexander Minasi. Long-time players who have experience and skills.

In Estonia the Kings of Tallinn with his main event he takes fourth place David Muccini who stops a step away from the podium after a solid performance.

Let’s see in detail.

ISOP: Pasquale starts the sprint

A very long day 2 marks the way in ISOP main event, at the Pearl of Nova Gorica. The day starts with the newest signups and the final count of paying customers reaches their quota 589. You determine a prize pool of 150 A thousand euros that invest the first 59 squares. 820 euros minimum cash and first coin from 31 thousand dollars. In addition, the first 10 will collect the €990 ticket for the Italian championship.

Among the familiar faces to let loose as soon as the bubble bursts is the season champion Adrian Lowin (53.), Antonio Scalzi (51st), Alessandro Mutto (38th), Andrea Dalcò (31st) e Daniel Tantillo (19th). At the top of the 18th climber on the last day of the game, the cover is no longer valid Richard Pascale tries to escape with 4.6 million pieces.

They try to keep up behind the best in their class Andrija Vujic (3.7 million) and Markus Valentin (2.6 million). In the rear they are called to comeback Paulo Fantini And Alexander Minasi. Fantini has 1,190,000 chips on his side, with the Turin player standing at 715,000 chips. Even in the turmoil Massimo Schiralli (1.5 million) and John Soci (1.1 million).

Today at 2 p.m. the final descent begins and at 9 a.m. on the left it is the official final table. The 18 in the race have at least in their pockets 2,200 EUR.

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The top 10 of day 2

1 – Pasquale Riccardo – 4,640,000
2 – Vujić Andrija – 3,725,000
3 – Valentino Marco – 2,650,000
4 – By Benedict William Joseph – 2,160,000
5 – Cat Attilio – 2,010,000
6 – Ouertani Wissam – 1,600,000
7 – Schiralli Massimo – 1,585,000
8 – Maselli’s Nicola – 1,460,000
9 – Krejić Boško – 1,345,000
10 – Fantini Paolo – 1,190,000

Kings of Tallin: Muccini comes close to the feat

The €1,100 King of Tallinn Main Event closes without the acute David Muccinibut the great performance of the Italian, who struggled for a long time before giving up in fourth place, remains.

Nine players came back for the final win, with 140 A thousand euros are waiting for the new champion. The blue resist for a long time and only raise the white flag after four links. Davide receives for his extraordinary ride 40,040 Euro: in the last hand he pushes along K-4 and was called by Antti Vetelainen, who dominated him with K-10. The whiteboard 9-8-6-AA He does not allow appeals, with Muccini out of the game.

Once three are left, the other players choose one ICM deal. The higher number ends up in the pockets of Petteri Laiho: The Finn finishes second, but at the time of the agreement he was in the lead and collecting 102,500 EUR. His compatriot is on the bottom step of the podium Anti Vetelainen bringing home $90,000. Finally, the ultimate triumph for the host Priit Parmasto: The Estonian secures 97,400 euros.

The payout

1 Priit Parmasto Estonian €97,400*
2 Petteri Laiho Finland €102,500*
3 Antti Vetelainen Finland €90,000*
4 Davide Muccini Italy €40,040
5 Ignas Vaitulionis Lithuania €29,800
6 Aleksi Naski Finland €22,500
7 Sergejs Korobov’s Latvia €17,600
8 Danius Antanaitis Lithuania €14,200
9 Albert Ostrovsky Lithuania €11,900


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