Who is Nik Airball, the player who tipped Jungleman live stream?

The world of poker is regularly traversed by towering characters destined to stay with mixed fortunes in the medium and long term.

When in doubt, just enjoy them in the moment. Such is the case of Nik Argot, known as Nik Airball, a live cash grinder who slowly made his way onto the live streams of various American casinos, from Hustler to The Lodge.

In the last few days, Argot became the protagonist of an epic session based on trash talk and pots, in which he flipped none other than Dan Cates like a pinball machine. Two in particular the hands that marked the clash with “Jungleman”. let’s see her

“You are my bitch”

After Dan Cates opened to $2,000 with A from middle positionQNik calls with 98th after placing the spreader bar.

On the Q flop49 Cates bets $1,200 after Nik checks and calls.

In round A Second, Cates fires to $5,000 on Nik’s new check-call.

By the river 7 Nik leads with the $400 minimum bet, Cates raises to $13,800, Nik crosses over again and three-bets $55,400!

Within seconds, Nik calls the watch. When ‘Jungleman’ asks him if the time is a minute and a half, he replies that 30 seconds is enough for that number.

After the Cates for Airball fold is the apotheosis as you can see in the video below. He repeated several times to Cates “You’re my bitch”, which is also a somewhat vulgar expression in the States.

Jungleman keeps his head on the table, covered by the cowboy hat he wore to the game.

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Nik Airball and Dan Cates

Cates tipped

Sixty hands later, Jungleman succumbs again and can’t help himself. Opening Nik $2,000 from middle position with 86Cate’s 3-bet $8,000 with AQ answer the opponent’s call.

The flop is 872with top pair and a flush draw Nik checks, Jungleman extended to $6,000 and was raised to $16,000.

After Dan calls, dealer A flips overbut this time Cates checks back after Nik checks.

The flow seems to hurt :Q the jungleman delivers top two pair. After a stack recon, Nik overbet $75,000 with Cate’s snap.

Nik freaked out laughing, Cates was stunned at the sight of the opponent’s point, and then in frustration smacked Nik Airball’s stack into the middle of the table, as seen in the Twitter video.


This is the video of the fiery session between Nik Airball and Jungleman:

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