Poker Live: Dalco flies, Miniucchi in the wake and Topkapias on fire at ISOP, great start to Day 1A

The first at Perla di was good Nova Gorica.

Live poker also confirms the excellent form at ISOP, whose fourth phase of the season immediately attracts a large number of paying players: 208 to be exact.

It’s on the head Andrea Dalko that precedes the usual Massimo Schiralliwhile near the virtual podium of the day the silhouette of Marcello Miniuchi.

Many familiar faces are going to Day 2, including that of our friend and colleague Andrew “Topkapias” Boreas cunningly waiting to launch the crucial paw.

Let’s see in detail.

ISOP: Rocket Launch to the Main Event

ISOP confirms that it has a special attraction for gamers and has been one of the most popular for years. Also thanks to the decision to split the buyins: on Day 1A they are enough 250 euros compared to 300€ from day 1B, increasing with day 1C 350€while Day 1D costs the historic buy-in of 400 EUR.

The fact is that yesterday in 208 They will meet in the first of four qualifying rounds, and they are 73 those who advance to Day 2 on Sunday. Obviously we are waiting to know the players who can pocket the pass from the other three days 1. A big fight on Slovenian soil is announced.

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The last day on Monday he will crown the fourth champion of the season.

ISOP: Miniucchi watches the fugitives closely

The Main Event ISOP runs 73 players at the end of Day 1A, with Andrea Dalko under the command and with 368,000 men strong, he launches the attack on the second day. On his trail there is Massimo Schiralli And Franz Centonza, with 366,000 and 341,000 units respectively. As mentioned, it also puts itself in a prime position Marcello Miniuchi.

Cavendramineis sixth in the daily count and sends clear messages to everyone with 263.00 chips. There is also space for the champions of the first two stages: Alija Besirevic is placed on the tenth field with 242,000 chips Adrian Lovin Sorin is 204,000 chips. One of the most anticipated players that day was 1A Andrew Boreas.

Journalist, commentator at 360 degrees in the world of poker, the Super “Topkapias‘ reaches day 2 of qualification with 138,000 units. A stack to manage with the peace of mind and experience of someone who can place the winning shot at any moment of the tournament.

Finally, they also go to the second day Andrea MichelottoDavide Cojaniz Aldo VallettaRoberto Roberti and bring up the rear Francesco “Kekkovenice” Marotta which starts again at a height of 22,000.

The Top 10 of Day 1A

1 – Dalco Andrea – 368,000
2 – Schiralli Massimo – 366,000
3 – Centonza Francesco – 341,000
4 – Caroli Michele – 275,000
5 – Ouertani Wissam – 266,000
6 – Miniucchi Marcello – 263,000
7 – Ivan Peak – 260,000
8 – Cvijanovic Ozren – 251,000
9 – Marotta Paolo – 251,000
10 – Besirević Alija – 242,000

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