Live Poker: Di Giacomo and Giannino Kart rise at ISOP, Minasi tries

Good also the second day for the main event ISOP.

The fourth phase of the season certainly does not disappoint expectations at the Perla Casino in Nova Gorica, with other important figures for the second of the four flights.

Many familiar faces in the fray and many of them buy their second day passes. Out of Claudio di Giacomowild Giovanni “Giannino Kart” Salvatore and up to Alexander Minasijust to name a few.

Let’s see what happened yesterday on Day 1B.

ISOP: 56 promoted

On day 1B of Main Event ISOP He hands us another 56 promoted on the way to Day 2. The best of the group is Antonio Artusa resulting in the strong command of 293,000 Crisps. It doesn’t want to be surpassed Francisc Voidoc which only gives way in the last hand of the day with 281,000 units. The virtual podium is completed by Sebastian Richter that puts 247,000 pieces in the envelope.

The various also find a place in the top 10 Matthew Montalcino And Mario Spurio who accumulate 215,000 and 209,000 chips respectively. Great achievement for Claudio di Giacomo who, as usual, puts the pass for the second day in his pocket for 180,000 chips.

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Another familiar face waiting for the ideal moment to attack is von Alexander Minasi which took place in combat with 110,000, almost 5,000 less than Antonio Scalzi. From Paris to Nova Gorica, John rescuer it is confirmed in a moment of great form. “Giannino Kart” Advance with 78,000 coins and pledge the fight on Day 2.

ISOP: The field is getting bigger

Excellent numbers in the Pearl of Nova Gorica for Main Event ISOP. The buy-in changes compared to day 1A and they are required from 250 euros 300€ sit in the second round. In 146 have accepted the challenge and this number brings up the partial payer number 354obviously waiting for day 1C and day 1D.

As I said, I am 56 those starting with the second and completing the halfway point on Day 1B. You will be added to the 73 people promoted from Day 1A 129 those who have a guaranteed spot on Day 2 tomorrow. Today space for day 1C, buy-in by 350 Euro as they serve in the evening for day 1D 400 fight for the last chance to qualify.

The Top 10 of Day 1B

1 – Artusa Antonio – 293,000
2 – Voidoc Francisc – 281,000
3 – Judge Sebastiano – 274,000
4 – Magi Christian – 215,000
5 – Montalcino Matteo – 215,000
6 – Verini Maurizio – 213,000
7 – False Maurus – 209,000
8 – Srebrnič Jordan – 209,000
9 – Alvisi Nevis – 201,000
10 – Bonpresa Giuseppe – 195,000

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