Carnival Series: Pascucci, Bonelli and Ruocco cheer on Reg

There was nothing for laypeople to do Thursday PokerStars night. Let’s open the lobby right now and find out why…

You will quickly notice that the evening was really dominated by the regulars. In short, nicknames already known to fans. Above all, we think of Simone Pascucci, Richard Bonelli and Joseph Ruocco. They all managed to establish themselves without betraying their size to anyone. The richest coup was certainly Bonelli (photo on the homepage for him) to thank Thursday main gala. But other strong players have also made it to the end of the big final tables. Let’s see everything in detail.

And tonight we repeat with a Main Gala KO for 40,000 euros at 21:00 for those who like it. Much luck!

€75 Carnival Series-087 Thursday Joyful KO (73,916 prizes, 1,087 participants)

Let’s start at 20:00 with the €50,000 guaranteed of this 8-Max Progressive KO. Amid 325 returns and 199 paid places it was Simone ‘simopascu96’ Pascucci to triumph at 3:15 to be precise. He received 4,584 euros in size and a good 9,418 euros in total. The runner-up “VISPETTO” is enough for a total of 5,336 euros.

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€250 Carnival Series-089 Thursday Main Gala KO (Prize pool 95,400, 424 entrants)

The Night of the Regs continued at 9pm with the €75,000 guaranteed, the highlight of the PS Thursday night. Here we mark 79 individual pieces of at least 190 euros, not counting the sizes. At 4:57 the winner Riccardo ‘Overbet91’ Bonelli He took 9,561 euros in size and 16,605 euros in total. The second “BetterCallSax” costs a total of 9,184 euros. Further back we also notice the nods from Fabio ‘backdoorAK’ Peluso (4th) and Andrea ‘Andreacigna’ Pini (5th). In short, the casual will not have had a great time…

€20 Carnival Series-090 Thursday Parade KO (Jackpot 47,682, Entrants 2,649)

We conclude with the 21:00 Parade 6-Max Progressive KO, which included 845 re-entries and 479 ITM. At 3:52 it all ended with Giuseppe ‘peppruocc’ Ruocco taking a magnificent win. For him 2,188 euros in height and 4,979 euros in total. The second “UTRIMA10” costs a total of 3,175 euros.

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